Student Achievement Tracking

With TestingWerks™, teachers and administrators can analyze individual student achievement over time. Since all tests, interventions and other activities follow the student throughout his/her academic career, a complete historical record is maintained and is accessible for tracking performance. TestingWerks includes -

Student Performance Tracking (click to enlarge)
  • Add/Edit Test Scores - Teachers can quickly enter new scores for a selected student.
  • Trend and Comparison Graphs – Individual student scores can be graphed to show performance trend and also compared to others in the class, building, or district.
    Student Performance Trend Chart (click to enlarge)
    They can also show the effect of selected interventions.
  • Printed Reports – Teachers can generate and print a complete longitudinal testing transcript for use in IAT or parent meetings.
  • Integration to Education Plans – Integration with GiftedWerks™ allows gifted details to be shown and integration with other IEP programs allows teachers to see an IEP at-a-glance.


“When a “good” student performed poorly on a whole grade national assessment, our teacher was able to review the entire student record and discover that the overall student’s trend for reading was down. This allowed our team to intervene early and get the student back on track.”

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