K-12 Response to Intervention

TestingWerks™ aligns with national RTI (Response to Intervention) models where a variety of benchmark tests are used to determine student achievement levels. With TestingWerks, teachers, administrators, counselors and special education teachers can now see all tests in one location and begin to develop comprehensive intervention plans. The district can go beyond benchmark testing and move into progress monitoring activities aligned to the Tier II and Tier III Response to Intervention process.

Within TestingWerks, teachers and administrators can:

Response to Intervention (click to enlarge)
  • Record intervention programs (district or building organized) per student
  • Identify the programs that are effective
  • Record intervention classroom-based activities
  • Track intervention-based meetings and record notes
  • Track specialized intervention tests
  • Upload complete intervention plan in Word or pdf form

For those students who need more intensive Tier III testing intervention, TestingWerks has a Progress Monitoring (PM) module that allows districts to use any PM tool and record the results within TestingWerks. The Progress Monitoring module will allow districts to:

  • Integrate PM Tools purchased or internally developed
  • Track PM activities for students across subjects and tests
  • Trace the effectiveness of various tools on students
  • Print PM reports and graphs for parents

“For our last IAT meeting, we were able to print out a testing transcript, grade history, and intervention history from one location. Our meetings are now more efficient because all the data we need to make decisions is in one location.”

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