TestingWerks™ - Instructional Improvement System

TestingWerks is a student testing data warehouse and analysis software solution for instructional improvement. Integration of all student testing scores from internal and external sources allows for easier group and student performance review and analysis.

Within TestingWerks you can track all the necessary tests in one location.

  • Testing sources – Loaded with more than 200 tests, TestingWerks includes
    • Benchmark Assessments
    • Short-Cycle Assessments
    • Common Assessments
    • State and National tests
    • Intervention tests
  • Test Customization - Districts can customize the administrations, benchmarks, and scoring bands of any test and can include their own standards and non-standards-based local assessment in any academic subject area.

The power of TestingWerks is its analysis and reporting features -

  • Search Tools - TestingWerks provides the ability to search for students through a variety of demographic and program related selections.
  • Group Analysis - Teachers and administrators can evaluate the performance of groups/classes of students at a point of time or over a period of time and compare that performance to their peers at the building and district level.
  • Student Achievement Tracking - With specific benchmark trend reports, a complete longitudinal testing transcript, and comparisons to grades, teachers and administrators have the ability to analyze the overall performance of each student.
  • Intervention Tracking - TestingWerks aligns with national RTI (Response to Intervention) models where benchmark tests are used to identify students at risk, monitor student progress, provide evidence-based interventions and adjust the intensity and nature of those interventions depending on a student’s responsiveness.

Complete User Access Management – Access to all the student data in TestingWerks is controlled based on system settings so that users are able to view groups of students only relevant to their job.  This allows each district to conform to its own security and privacy concerns at the local level.

  Why TestingWerks?    

Integration of Local, State and National Tests
Loaded with over 200 types of tests
Easy Importing of Testing Data
Detailed Test Item Analysis
Insightful Reporting
Responsive Technical Support
Unique System Purchase Model

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