Data Analysis and Reporting

With TestingWerks™, building and district administrators can analyze and report on any single test across virtually any AYP demographics. Coupled with specific drill downs on the tests, they can generate a multitude of reports for testing data analysis and use those results to make informed data driven decisions about individuals or groups of students. Some of the report options include:

Test Comparison Analysis (click to enlarge)
  • Single Test Reports – Analyze the data using all the details for any single test in the system.
  • Comparison Reports – Although predictive analysis is one of the most difficult areas in testing analysis to pull together, TestingWerks makes it easier by allowing users to align any two
    Test Item Analysis (click to enlarge)
    tests side by side to see if the performance on one test is truly predictive of performance on other high stakes tests.
  • Growth Reports – Users can view the longitudinal growth between two points in time based on any tests designed to show growth.
  • Item Analysis – Local tests can be created, entered and then analyzed by question or standard allowing for quick identification of concepts with which students are struggling.

“What once took me days to pull together on spreadsheets for analyzing our state tests, now takes only a few minutes, and through my own data analysis I quickly have every student not meeting proficiency identified.”
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