Group Performance Analysis

TestingWerks™ provides teachers and administrators the ability to easily view and analyze the performance of groups of students based on testing scores.

  • Group Performance Analysis (click to enlarge)
    Group Identification – Groups of students can be determined by class, teacher, grade, building, and district.
  • Cohort Management - Any group of students can be formed based on user-specified selection criteria. These defined groups, referred to as cohort groups, make it easy to monitor and analyze performance of specific students.
  • Group Performance Analysis viewed from the Web
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    Class rosters – For teachers, a class roster is available with the ability to easily view and print class results for any test.
  • Add/Edit Test Scores - Teachers can quickly enter new scores for their entire class in easy-to-use spreadsheet-type formats.
  • Trend and Analysis - Since all scores, interventions and activities follow the students, the group view can show how the entire group of students has progressed over time on given tests.

“We can now easily monitor how various groups of students are performing at any moment in the school year.”

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