GiftedWerks™ - Gifted Services Management

GiftedWerks is a complete software solution for managing gifted services for K-12 Education. It is designed to organize data needed to manage gifted services including screening test scores, written education plans and personalized identification letters. It is a warehouse for information about students, such as demographics, referrals, group testing, individual testing, EMIS reporting, WEP and service data.

GiftedWerks is designed to work with the major standardized achievement and cognitive tests such as –

  • IOWA Test of Basic Skills®
  • Stanford
  • CogAT®
  • TerraNova™
  • InView™
  • and many more

Within GiftedWerks you can track all the necessary tests in one location whether provided as group tests or as individual tests.

  • Test Data Imports – National and state achievement tests as well as test data from various testing companies’ data disks can simply be imported.
  • Local Test Data - Individual test scores can be entered quickly and easily.

Data analysis and reporting using GiftedWerks allows for more time to focus on the students.

  • Gifted Identifications - Based on state measures, identifications can be broken down by gifted areas.
  • Gifted Service Plan Written Education Plans can be created in a standardized manner.
  • Service Tracking Services provided to gifted students can be tracked over time, including honors-based and AP courses taken by students throughout their academic career.
  • Integrated Letter Writer - Customized student letters can be created, saved, and reused making correspondence with parents easy.
  • Communication LogInteractions with teachers and parents can be recorded for historical record.
  • Reports Simple reports for teachers and building administrators can quickly be produced showing the identification and assessment status of students in their classrooms and buildings

Access to gifted data is controlled based on system settings so that an administrator can designate different levels of access for Gifted Coordinators, Gifted Intervention Specialists, and Building Administrators.

  Why GiftedWerks?    

Centralized Gifted Identification
Built-in Written Education Plans
Gifted services management
Integrated letter writer
National test tracking





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